Apache Junction Sign Company

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"We Don't Just Sell Signs.....We Help Build Businesses!"

About Us

I started in the sign business shortly after graduating high school in Illinois. Back then most of the signs were hand painted and lettered. Most of the shops did not want to take on someone my age with no experience. So I started selling signs to what business owners I knew. I used Testors model paint and treated plywood.

After about a year of this, I finally got the opportunity I was looking for. A local sign painter had just lost his shop helper and hired me to assist him with all the work. I felt like I had won the lottery. The guy that hired me made all the prominent signs in the community. He had generations of knowledge for the trade that he handed down to me. Sandblasted and hand carved redwood, gold leaf, air-brushing, you name it, he did it, and we didn't use computers. It didn't take but a very short time for him to realize my gift for the trade. Within a few months I was turned producing a large portion of the signs while the owner was out selling.

The sign business has drastically evolved in the processes used to produce signs, but the concept of producing visually pleasing and effective signs is still the same. It's too bad that most of these franchises and other vinyl shops have no idea of how to design. I still try to bring the old style of sign painting into my designs. Take a look through the website and give us a call when your ready to order.