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Artwork Requirements

In order to cut vinyl or print clean, crisp film positives for screen-printing, we need the design to be Vector-based.

All image files can be categorized into two groups, Bitmap-based and Vector-based files. The two differ in the way that computers analyze their content.

Bitmap Graphics

A Bitmap Image is nothing more than thousands (or millions) of Pixels arranged to create an image. A logo in a bitmap format is limited to it's resolution - the larger the images increases past it's designed resolution the worse it will look. Bitmap images also can not be printed in spot color (one ink for each color).Photos and images created for the web tend to be bitmap images. Common bitmap formats include BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, JPEG, & GIF.

Vector Graphics

Instead of pixels to represent an image, a vector drawing applications draw shapes which can be independently manipulated. This applications use mathematical guides to tell the screen to draw an object at a certain angle and size. The objects are resolution-independent, meaning that they can be resized and not loose any clarity. This can be a considerable benefit in logo design as the image often has to fit on several different size formats. Common vector formats include CDR, AI, EPS, DWG.